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Story of a former Florida prison warden by Jason Silverstein - Esquire 2014

Ron McAndrew has fought the death penalty before state senates in Montana and Nebraska. He’s fought the death penalty as an expert witness in Florida and Georgia. He’s fought the death penalty alongside other wardens and activists and exonerated prisoners—including one man, Juan Melendez, who had been an inmate on McAndrew’s own death row. And he’s gotten into other fights, too. He joined two amicus briefs on the abuse of post-9/11 federal detainees in New York City (“You wouldn’t believe how these guys were treated for fourteen, sixteen months—I mean, totally innocent”). In March of 2012, he worked on the case of Charles Toll, who suffocated to death during a cell extraction in Tennessee. McAndrew now has forty or fifty active cases, and he’s hitting that old stride, when he first worked at the prison, when he couldn’t get that uniform on fast enough and get to work.

Read this article from Esquire magazine:

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