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Ron McAndrew has been retained in more than 600 cases by law enforcement officers, private attorneys, law firms, state attorneys, public defenders, state and federal agencies, foreign firms and private individuals as an expert witness – Prison & Jail Consultant. (Supportive case file history provided to verified attorneys upon request ).

Professional specialties specifically include staff negligence, inmate assault (failure to protect), use-of-force by staff, resentencing relating to Miller / Graham / Atwell / Hurst court decisions, wrongful termination of correctional staff members; Corrections Emergency Response Teams (CERT), prisoner medical care and standards, inmate deaths, inmate suicide, sexual assault by staff / other prisoner, sexual harassment of correctional staff members, offender or correctional employee murder; conditions of confinement, inmate supervision, "deliberate indifference", prisoner classification and housing; ADA, foreign extradition to Florida, 'performing pre incarceration training', the training of correctional staff and jail / prison policies and procedures.


For more information on other specific areas, please contact Ron McAndrew. 


Note that Ron McAndrew does not give legal advice as he is not an attorney.



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